Skin Cancer Check Regular skin cancer check is necessary for early diagnose and keeping you mind at ease. Especially recommended for people living in the tropics and for people who spends a lot of time outside in the sun.

Skin Cancer Check

Skin cancer check is done by our dermatologist using a dermascope. A dermascope is a special magnifying glass with light specially made to check the skin. The dermatologist will go through the full body to check for benign (not harmful) and malignant (cancer) tumors. A skin check will take around 30-60 minutes.

The price starts from Rp 500.000

Lesion Removal

The dermatologist can offer to remove lesions from different parts of the body. Before removing any lesion, the dermatologist will let you know the advantages and disadvantages and if there are any complications. She will also go through the recovery time and price. The price depends on the method used.

Liquid nitrogen: from Rp 100.000, Laser removal starts from Rp 300.000 and incisions starts from Rp 2.000.000.


Biopsies are done to make sure if a tumor is benign (not harmful) or malignant (cancer). All samples from biopsies are sent to a lab for testing.

A biopsy starts from Rp 2.500.000. Lab work is Rp 750.000.

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