Accent Ultra & Mesotheraphy

Accent Ultra & Mesotheraphy Treatment
Re-SHAPE Your Body & Face

Accent Ultra is the name of a procedure that utilizes two synergistic technologies to effectively burn the  fat, reduce cellulite and contour your body and face. It’s a non-invasive procedure with minimal pain and no downtime.

Anyone can be a candidate for Accent Ultra treatment. We can burn the fat and enhance the contour on most of  the body parts. Especially women with cellulite and  floppy skin  will be able to see amazing results. Are you looking for that V-shape face? Then this is the procedure that you have been looking for.

Accent Ultra Treatment at Rejuvie Aesthetic & Dermatology Bali
At Rejuvie Aesthetic & Dermatology Bali we use Accent Prime from Alma Laser for Accent Ultra Treatment
Accent Ultra & Mesotheraphy Treatment
How It works?

First we target the fat deposits with a non-invasive ultrasound. This will effectively reduce the localized body fat for a successful contouring. The next stage of the treatment is the Radio Frequency. RF is used to generate heat inside of the skin to stimulate the growth of collagen, which makes the skin tighter. The motion of RF is like a massage. This motion is going to induce better lymphatic drainage and improve blood circulation, giving a smoothing result. . In short: We reduce the fat and then we tighten the skin.

Accent Ultra & Mesotheraphy Treatment
Watch How Accent Ultra & Mesotheraphy Works

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