Laser Hair Removal With Laser Permanent Hair Removal, removing unwanted hair is easy, fast and virtually pain free.

Laser Hair Removal

Removing unwanted hair on our bodies has become more  popular  over the past few years. For a lot of people this means spending lots of wasted time in the bathroom by waxing, shaving or other home hair removal products. With Laser Permanent Hair Removal, removing unwanted hair is easy, fast and  virtually pain free.

Laser Hair removal  can remove hair from basically all areas of the body. For women the most common areas are the legs, under arms, bikini line and unwanted facial hair. For men the most common areas to remove hair is on the back, chest and even bikini line.

The treatment

Before the first hair removal session you need a short consultation with our doctor. The doctor needs to determine your skin type and type of hair before we start. The darker the hair the more effective the results of hair reduction and removal will be. Very white hair is almost impossible to remove with lasers.

Before you come for the hair removal session we recommend that you shave the area the day before, please do not wax the area to be treated four weeks before the treatment. The treatment itself is done quickly and is painless. The nurse will move the laser tip slowly in a continuous motion over the area to be treated. The laser head is equipped with a double cooling system to avoid discomfort. The light from the laser is absorbed by the hair follicle that will heat up and destroy the hair follicle and hair producing cells that surrounds it.

Repeat treatments

On average 60% of our hair is in the growth phase at the same time. And since we can only remove hair that is in growth phase (anagen), repeat treatments are necessary. Expect to have  6- 8 session in each area. After you have finished the recommended amount of sessions, you need to have follow-up treatment once or twice a year.

Side effects & after-care

The laser hair removal system is very safe. And since we are not damaging any tissue, no real after-care is needed. We do recommend you to use a good sun block (minimum SPF 30)  after each session, as the skin can be a little sensitive to sunlight.  The most common side effects include light redness of the skin in the treated area but this will go away after 1 – 2 days. You can read more about after-care and side effect by following this link.

Equipment used

Rejuvie Aesthetic and Anti Aging use the Soprano Laser from Alma Lasers for this hair removal procedure . Alma Laser is a reputable Laser company from USA and their machines and treatments have been featured on many talk shows and utilized by doctors all around the world.

More information

If you would like to know more about Alma Lasers, please follow this link to their own website.

If you would like to read more about Soprano Laser, please follow this link.

If you would like to see a short video of a Soprano Hair removal please view this video from YouTube:

The results obtained may vary depending on every receiver's reaction to treatment.

The price

The price of laser hair removal depends on the area. Below you can see some examples. You can also go to our price list to see a full list of prices of hair removal treatments (link to price list)

Hair removal for armpit: Rp 700.000

Hair removal for bikini line: Rp 800.000

Hair removal full leg: Rp 2.600.000

If you buy 4 or more treatments we give a 20% discount.

Hair Removal package for woman:

Buy full leg & armpit and get Brazilian for free. You pay Rp 3.300.000 - you save Rp 1.300.000

Hair Removal package for men:

Buy chest & stomach and get lower back for free*. You pay 2.300.000 and you save Rp 1.200.000

*if you want to upgrade to full back, then add Rp 1.200.000

View price list

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