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Dr B. Murino

Medical director

Born in 1974 in Tegal, Java, Indonesia

Dr Murino finished his medical degree at Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia in 1999. After working in several hospitals in Bali, he then got some work experiences in The Netherlands.  Next he continued his study at Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia.

As one of the pioneer doctors in Bali, working in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine, Dr Murino has been working in this field since 2006. He is a member of American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and Member of Australian Anti-Aging Medicine.

In early 2013, Dr Murino became the first Indonesian doctor board certified in Aesthetic Medicine from American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

To upgrade and improve his skill, Dr Murino attends a lot of anti-aging and aesthetic conferences, workshops, seminars, and live demonstrations at national and international levels.

“I started this clinic in March 2011 with just one nurse. I’m very proud of how far we have become in so little time. We have a good team of staff who are all dedicated to work hard and give the best service possible. 

In my spare time I try to spend as much time as possible with my son. Once in awhile I also like to meet up with my friends to play cards and talk about family and current events .”

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Dr Edo Suweta

Aesthetic doctor

Born in Banjarmasin 1981, Indonesia

Graduated from Atma Jaya Faculty of Medicine in 2006. Previously working for International SOS before pursuing his career in the aesthetic field.

He started his aesthetic career in a clinic in Jakarta, before he moved to Bali. Here he worked for some time in another international anti-aging clinic. Dr Edo joined the Rejuvie team in October of 2012.

Dr. Edo is fluent in English and Indonesian.

“In my spare time I like to socialize with friends by dining out, watching movies, and sometimes going to a dance club.  My great love is to travel and learn about other cultures.

Working for Rejuvie is exciting. We have a very good solid team.It is important to us to always update and share our knowledge with each other. Rejuvie has a very good management, who makes us feels like a small happy family. “

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Ni Wayan Sriwati

Head nurse

Born in 1979 in Denpasar – Bali

Sriwati earned her nursing degree at AKPER DEPKES Nurse Academy finishing in 2001.

She started her career by working in an in-house clinic in an international hotel in Nusa Dua.  From there, she continued in a clinic for Japanese tourists, where she worked for 6 years.  Nurse Sriwati speaks, apart from Indonesian, Balinese, English and basic Japanese.

Before starting at Rejuvie Aesthetic & Anti-Aging she worked for 2 years in another international anti-aging clinic in Bali. Nurse Sriwati is the first nurse to start at Rejuvie.

During her time at Rejuvie, Sriwati has attended additional schooling in laser training at a private clinic in Perth Australia. 

“If I have same day off with my husband, I like to spend my time going to somewhere refreshing in Bali. I love cooking in my spare time.

During my time in Rejuvie I feel very comfortable and happy because our team is very solid. Every year Rejuvie takes the staff abroad for holiday. Rejuvie has taken my husband and I abroad to places that we never been before.”


Dwi Lestariyati

Licensed nurse

Born 1983 in Semarang – Java

Dwi earned her nursing degree at AKPER Telogorejo Nurse Academy finishing in 2005.

She has worked in an aesthetic clinic in Semarang for 3 years and then worked at an international anti-aging clinic in Bali. Dwi started to work in Rejuvie in May 2011. 

During her time in Rejuvie, Dwi has received special training in Accent Ultra treatment (Radio Frequency and Ultrasound for fat reduction) at a private clinic in Seoul South Korea.

“I live in Denpasar now. When I have free time I like to get a massage, go to the beach, and shop. My favorite food is any kind of seafood. 

I love working at Rejuvie Clinic. The management is very good and they care about the staff.”



Astri Rukminitri

Licensed nurse

Born on 1979 in Singaraja - North of Bali 

Astri graduated from nursing school in Singaraja in 1997

She used to work in an International Hospital in Kuta for 3 years and then moved to an international anti-aging clinic. Here she worked for 7 years. She joined the Rejuvie team in December of 2012.

“I was lucky to get a job at Rejuvie clinic. Rejuvie is a very good company, the best doctors in Bali for aesthetic medicine, good standards, stae of the art equipment and excellent quality products. All the staff are very professional and have a lot of experience. Working hard, as a good team, we always support each other. We feel like awe are a family at work.  Simply put, I love Rejuvie.

My home is in Denpasar with my husband and two children. In my free time, I like to go with my little family to walk around, have some dinner together, and sometimes we go to the village for the Balinese ceremony.”



Was born in Tabanan, Bali, in1990 

Eni was a student of English department, Faculty of Letters, in Udayana University.
During college she took a part time job as a teacher in English Courses for 2 years near Kerobokan and Renon. Eni was also a teacher in a High School in Kerobokan for almost a year. Graduation from college was in May 2012.  Next she worked in a hospital as a receptionist for 10 months.

“Now I live in Kerobokan. I love drawing and sometimes in my spare time I make sketches of something that I want to draw. I also love singing (although I haven't got beautiful voice) and like to go karaoke with friends and family.

Although working here is very busy, I think the management of Rejuvie is very good. They care about the staff. After just working here for 2 months, Rejuvie took me to Vietnam, which is my first experience of going abroad. I also get more experiences of working in a team in a hectic condition.”


Agung Tirta

Accounting / Receptionist

Born 1978 in Denpasar – Bali

Tirta graduated from Economic Faculty Accounting Department, Udayana University in 2002. Tirta used to work in an aesthetic clinic in Kuta for 7 years in the accounting department. She has been with Rejuvie as an accountant since November 2012. 

“I am so excited working in Rejuvie. Rejuvie has a very solid teamwork and very good management, which makes me comfortable to work here.

My home is in Denpasar with my husband and my children. I am a mother of two boys. My first son in 6 years old and my second son is 1 year old. Spending my spare time with my little family is my greatest joy.”

Dr B. Murino
Dr Edo Suweta
Ni Wayan Sriwati
Dwi Lestriyati
Astri Rukminitri
Agung Tirta