The Right Age to Start Botox Injection Treatments

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With the advancement in the medical industry, more and more people are comfortable with non- invasive aesthetic treatments – such as Botox – to enhance their appearance. In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), there are an estimated 7 million injection procedures conducted. That is a staggering number, especially when you consider the ages of the people participating in the treatment. Which raises the question, what is an appropriate and safe age for people to start using Botox treatments?


What is an appropriate age to start using Botox?

According to many dermatologists, the use of botox can start as soon as you hit your 20s. It’s during this time that your facial lines become more apparent. Think about it, you’ll be going through all sorts of experiences in your 20s, and with that comes many emotions and facial expressions that can leave a mark on your face.


Botox Against Wrinkles


With that in mind, it can be better to take preventative measures early on if you don’t like how a particular line defines your face. Preventative measures in this context means preventing the onset of unwanted wrinkles and lines on the skin by using botox injections. Botox treatments work by relaxing the overlying skin so that wrinkles leave minimal lines.

However, even if dermatologists are okay with the notion of implementing botox treatment at an early age, it is equally important to think about the implications of using botox as well.


Botox treatments in your 30s and 40s

Perhaps you’ve had some of the best times in your 20s, with a minimum number of frowns, then you can put off botox treatment until the mid-30s or even into your 40s. However, you must also take into account how well you take care of your skin, such as how often you use sunscreen to minimize sun damage, and the amount of muscle movements in your face.


Botox treatment in Bali

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