The Advantages of Dermal Filler

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As time goes by, your skin starts losing its elasticity. Through aging and lifestyle and your surrounding environment, there are many factors that contribute to wrinkles and sagging skin. You will develop the unavoidable results of aging, which include smile lines and furrows.

Back in the day, aging was inevitable. Nowadays however, we are more fortunate as there are many anti-aging products and treatments to stop the skin aging process. Here at Rejuvie Clinic Bali, we offer an effective and less invasive anti-aging treatment called dermal filler.


What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid which is a molecule produced naturally by the skin. However, as the years pass, your skin produces less of this component which results in wrinkle formation.


Derma Filler

If you’d like to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, dermal fillers can definitely help. By getting injected, you benefit from these advantages.


1. See instant results with no downtime


Compared to anti-aging creams that require a long-term commitment, dermal fillers provide you with an instant outcome, after just a few minutes of the procedure. You will see a noticeable difference almost immediately after your treatment.

What makes dermal fillers even greater is the fact that you can instantly return to your activities, as there is no downtime, unlike with plastic surgery.


2. Enjoy long-lasting results

After being injected, you get to enjoy long-lasting results. Dermal filler helps to delay the aging process as you appear younger, without having to commit to permanent surgery. If you’d like to maintain results, it is highly recommended to schedule a repeat treatment before the filling effect disappears completely.


3. Get a natural-looking appearance

Unlike surgery that may alter your facial features completely, dermal fillers offer natural-looking results.

With dermal fillers, you get to see the best version of yourself. The majority of people won’t even notice the treatment you went through.


Dermal filler in Bali

Achieve youthful looking skin with dermal filler. Rejuvie Clinic, an aesthetic and anti-aging clinic in Bali, offers dermal filler treatments performed by professional doctors. For our treatments and price list, view here.