How micro-needling treatment can improve your skin

Post at 16 Aug 2019 2:11 PM in Aesthetic Clinic Bali by IMMAuthor

Everyone wants to have healthy looking skin that is supple, and visually attractive to look at. Here at Rejuvie Clinic, we embrace the idea of improving the visual aesthetic of our clients and make them feel good about themselves. One of the treatments we recommend is micro-needling


What is micro-needling?


micro-needling bali


Micro-needling is a procedure where doctors stimulate the growth of collagen production by creating tiny puncture wounds in the skin. The procedure essentially creates micro damages to the skin without removing any existing healthy tissue. Additionally, this process also creates channels that allow the skin to absorb any substance easily, which is why this procedure is often recommended with PRP.

The nature of this treatment – inducing healthy collagen production – means that many people can benefit from micro-needling. Those with stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne scars and other similar physical skin conditions can benefit from this treatment, for both men or women of all ages. 

The only conditions that we don’t recommend micro-needling are for our clients with active acne on their skin, infections that still need to be treated, and raised moles or warts. For further information regarding the treatment and whether or not it suits your specific skin condition, we recommend you schedule a visit with our doctors for consultation.


The procedure

Before the micro-needling procedure is conducted, our doctors will apply an anesthetic cream to the surface of your skin to minimize any discomfort. The doctor will then use a sanitized micro-needling device called a dermal roller, to create tiny micro damages on your skin by rolling the device in different directions of the treatment area. Immediately after, the doctor will typically conduct a series of skin rejuvenation treatments to take advantage of the skin’s supple condition. However, this additional rejuvenation is optional, and patients can opt to just have the micro-needling treatment alone. 

It is normal to have redness on the skin after the micro-needling treatment is done. Physically it will look like you had a moderate sunburn, but it will disappear naturally within 3-4 days. It is during this initial redness that your skin will start healing. 

Micro-needling is a beneficial skin treatment that can improve the aesthetic look for men and women of all ages. Contact us at Rejuvie Clinic to schedule a consultation session with our doctors regarding micro-needling in Bali to improve your skin!