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Sygmalift is the latest invention, combining the high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), cold laser of 635nm and Trimicro focal ultrasound to achieve the lifting effect and reduce lines and wrinkles.
With this technology we can do a non-invasive, non-injection and non-incision face-lift. The areas we focus on are the cheek, nasiolabial fold, the jaw line, the chin, the neck and around the eyes. We can also lift the forehead and smoothen lips, but in these areas we still recommend using Botox and fillers.

The treatment

Before starting the treatment you will need to see one of our doctors for a consultation. The doctor needs to analyze your skin and explain in detail what Sygmalift can do for you. The nurse will apply cool gel to your face before starting as a conductor to penetrate well into the skin and also to reduce discomfort during the procedure. The first part of the treatment is the focal ultrasound. This will help reduce the fat and lift the muscle. The second part is the laser, which will stimulate collagen production and tightening.
The treatment is completely pain free and very relaxing.
Each area will take from 45 min to 1 hour of treatment per session

Repeat treatments

The full result of the Sygmalift will be seen after 2-3 month. Actual result may vary depending on receiver's reaction to treatment. It is not an instant fix. We recommend you do 2-3 sessions with each one-week apart for the best result. Later we recommend follow up treatment 1-2 times a year to maintain the effect of the treatment.

Side effects & after-care

There are no side effects from the Sygmalift. Actual result may vary depending on receiver's reaction to treatment. The only after-care we recommend is to use a good moisturizer and sunscreen. Please stay out of the sun for the rest of the day after the treatment. The day after you can continue your normal activity again.

Equipment used

Rejuvie Aesthetic and Anti Aging use the Sygmalift made by Medixsysteme in France. Medixsysteme is one of the leading medical equipment manufactures in Europe.

More information

If you would like to know more about Medixsysteme and Sygmalift, please follow this link to their own website: or

The price

The price of the Sygmalift depends on the area treated. Below you can see some examples. The full list of areas and prices can be found on our price list (link to price list)
Sygmalift for cheek & nasiolabial fold: Rp 3.900.000 for the first session
Sygmalift for the jawline and double chin: Rp 3.900.000 for the first session
Sygmalift for the eyes: Rp 3.300.000 for the first session

We offer 25% discount on the following sessions done within one year of the first session.

The results obtained may vary depending on every receiver's reaction to treatment.

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