Liquid Nitrogen

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Liquid Nitrogen

Nitrogen makes up about 80% of the air we breathe. When compressed and cooled, the gas turns to liquid, which looks like water. The main difference is the temperature – liquid nitrogen is -195.8 Celsius.

Liquid Nitrogen (LN) is used on various types of skin conditions. For younger people most common it’s used on warts, but for people with sun-damaged skin it can be used as a pre cancer treatment. The treatment is very effective and has very few side effects if used to treat small problems early.

The treatment

Before any treatment with LN the doctor will examine the area thoroughly. The doctor might take a biopsy to be sure of the nature of the spot. In this case the treatment will be done after the result comes back. The LN will be applied on the area in a very small dose. The LN will freeze the body tissue quickly. The body will then recognize the damaged tissue and remove it.

Repeat treatments

Most treatments with LN can be done in one session. One session usually consists of 2-3 applications. The healing time is around two weeks. After the tissue has healed, we can determine if more sessions are needed.

Side effects & after-care

There are no special requirements of after-care. You can wash the area as usual after a few hours. You might get a blister or a scab, but this will eventually fall off and new skin will form. This is very normal. You can read more about after care and side effect by following this link.

The price

Price of LN treatments start from Rp 250.000 per session.

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