Eliminating Wrinkles with ClearLift (Pixel Q Switch)

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Eliminating Wrinkles with ClearLift

Nowadays, anti-aging treatments come in a variety of methods, approaches and applications. With advancements in technology, it is becoming increasingly easier to reduce wrinkles caused by aging, and improve your skin’s overall complexion. One of the latest and cutting-edge methods is using a laser treatment known as ClearLift treatment, formerly known as Pixel Q Switch. We’ll be discussing the benefits of ClearLift in this article and, hopefully, give you insight into whether it’s the right treatment for you.

What is ClearLift?

Firstly, it’s worth knowing the distinction between laser technologies that are used in today’s skin treatment procedures. Non-ablative lasers, such as the one used in ClearLift do not remove any tissue or skin but rather stimulate collagen production, and tightens the skin without damaging it. Ablative lasers on the other hand, are designed to remove layers of your skin tissue.

For our readers who are not yet familiar with ClearLift, it’s a procedure that involves using a non-ablative laser to improve facial lines, wrinkles and other facial flaws caused by aging.

The laser works by concentrating heat beneath your skin, which stimulates collagen production and simultaneously removes old skin cells. Since the heat energy is focused underneath the skin, the outer epidermis layer is unaffected.

Brighter looking skin

One of the benefits of ClearLift is the significant improvement in your skin’s complexion, resulting in brighter, younger-looking skin. Facial lines and wrinkles will be noticeably smoother resulting in a softer overall complexion.

Also, as we mentioned above, the treatment itself uses a non-ablative laser making the procedure harmless. The only discomfort may be a slight redness caused by the heat energy that is beamed into your skin.

ClearLift is an excellent alternative anti-aging treatment to soften facial lines and wrinkles that are acquired through aging. Depending on the patient’s skin type, several treatments may be required to get the full effect.

Learn more about ClearLift treatments and whether or not they are the right treatment for you by booking an appointment with our professional staff at Rejuvie Aesthetic Clinic. We’ll be more than happy to examine your skin and provide a recommendation for your specific situation.