Price List

Vitamins & Boosters

Vitamin Injections

Vitamin B complex
Rp. 100.000
Vitamin C Booster
Rp. 450.000
Vitamin C Brightening
Rp. 250.000
Vitamin C Pure
Rp. 150.000
Vitamin Infusion
From 1.200.000


Short Term
Rp. 600.000
Long Term
Rp. 3.750.000
Blood Test Testosterone
Rp. 850.000
Blood Test PSA
Rp. 800.000
Human Growth Hormone
Rp. 4.200.000

Price Per Vial

Consultaton HGH with Blood Test Female
Rp. 2.900.000
Consultaton HGH with Blood Test Male
Rp. 3.700.000