What you need to know before choosing fillers?

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Aging is just another process that everyone goes through in life. As we age, we increase in wisdom, experience and reach the peak of mental acuity. However, another inevitable aspect of aging is the change in our appearance, evident in our skin and physical fitness. Many signs of aging are attributed to the thinning of our skin and the overall volume loss in our tissues due to the natural process of aging.  Rejuvie Clinic aims to preserve the best side of aging, while maintaining the aesthetical appearance of our clients. To achieve this, we have a whole host of anti-aging treatments, including botox and fillers.


dermal fillers


What are fillers?

Fillers are solutions that our doctors deliver through injection to the chosen target area of our clients to get their desired look. We start with consultation first to discuss the procedure and identify the target area they want the procedure to be done. 

As part of our anti-aging line of treatments, Rejuvie Clinic offers Dermal Fillers and Redensity Light Fillers to our clients. Each one has their specific purpose, and our doctors can recommend you to either one depending on the look that you want to achieve.


Dermal fillers

As we prefaced above, physical signs of aging can be attributed to the loss of volume in our skins and the thinning of our skin. This results in facial lines becoming more apparent around the nose, cheeks and mouth, making them look hollow and consequently introducing wrinkles in the face. 

This is where dermal fillers come in. Our dermal filler treatment can restore the lost volume in the skin due to aging to deliver a more youthful appearance to our clients. Dermal fillers are gel-like solutions that our doctors inject to the layer of tissue beneath the skin to add volume – which will smooth out any wrinkles, soften facial features and smoothen lines.


Redensity Light Fillers

This second set of fillers is still new to Indonesia, but have been used for quite some time in European countries. If dermal fillers are more targeted for the facial areas, then redensity light fillers fulfill their anti-aging purpose by targeting other area such as the neck, hands and upper chest. 

With that said, our treatment for redensity light fillers involves injecting collagen-stimulating minerals and vitamins to help promote healthy cell membranes and DNA regeneration. The end result is increased elasticity in the skin and smoother overall appearance. 

There is no denying the fact that we all want to stay youthful, and aesthetically pleasing while we continue to age. Our anti-aging treatments here at Rejuvie Clinic can help you achieve that youthful appearance without needing to do costly plastic surgeries.

Schedule a consultation appointment with our doctors at Rejuvie Clinic to see how you can stay young!