Mesotherapy: a nonsurgical treatment to improve your aesthetics

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Everyone should have the right to feel good about themselves. Rejuvie Clinic embraces this idea; therefore we offer a wide range of anti-aging and aesthetic treatments for our patients to choose from, one of which is mesotherapy


What is Mesotherapy


mesotherapy bali


Mesotherapy is a nonsurgical technique that uses very fine needles to deliver vitamins, nutrients, hormones and other types of solutions to the middle layer of the skin, also known as the mesoderm.

The premise of the procedure is to inject those solutions to aid in the correction of underlying skin conditions such as circulation and inflammation. Mesotherapy is also a great alternative to reduce fat or cellulite compared to more invasive procedures such as liposuction or surgery.

The treatment itself was developed in France in 1952 and was used as a technique to relieve pain. It has since gained popularity as research and development grew in the field. It is now a popular option in Europe and South American countries for those wanting a nonsurgical treatment to enhance their aesthetic look.



Now that you know what mesotherapy is, what can you expect from the treatment? 

Our doctors here in Rejuvie Clinic are all professionally trained and will brief you before the procedure to ensure you know what to expect. In short, our doctors will start by cooling down the target location of the treatment area with ice packs. The purpose of this is to minimize any discomfort during the injection process. The injection solution that we use is a mixture of vitamins and amino acids that will melt the down the fat and cellulite in the target area, which will then be carried away from the body. An added bonus from this treatment is improved overall blood flow. 

Are you looking to improve your aesthetic look? Schedule a consultation session with our doctors to see if it’s the right procedure for your skin!