How does tattoo removal work?

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There is no denying that tattoos are a work of art when executed properly, and tastefully. They can serve as a personal imprint on our bodies that symbolize our passion or strong affinity towards something. However, what happens when we change our minds and decide to change or remove the tattoos? 

Tattoo Removal Rejuvie Clinic

How it works

Nowadays tattoos are removed using adjustable lasers that emit the same pigment color as the tattoo. They work by breaking up the color pigments in the tattoo with a high-intensity laser beam. For each color pigment in the tattoo, a laser beam with the matching wavelength will be directed towards that specific color in the tattoo. 

The strength and intensity of the laser beam are determined by a number of factors such as age, size, and colors of the tattoo. Your natural skin color and the depth in which the pigment is in your skin also determines the removal process of the tattoo. 

What to expect

The process is generally uncomfortable as the laser needs enough energy to penetrate the layer of skin the pigment is embedded in. However, despite this discomfort, most people don’t require anesthesia. If your tattoo happens to be located in a sensitive area, you can also opt for topical anesthesia to help reduce the discomfort. You’ll be expected to wear protective eyewear during the removal process, and, before the actual treatment, your skin will be tested to see how it reacts to the different energy wavelengths. 

Depending on the individual tattoo, most people require several visits to completely remove it. During the removal process, it’s also recommended to avoid direct sun on the tattooed area. An ice pack can also help to soothe any skin irritations.  

We hope this article has proven useful for those looking to remove their tattoos. If you have further questions, or maybe you’re considering an aesthetic upgrade, feel free to contact us at Rejuvie Clinic.