Anti-Aging Treatments: What Are The Different Skin Rejuvenation Procedures?

Post at 07 Feb 2020 10:00 AM in Aesthetic Clinic Bali by rjv_adm

skin rejuvenation procedures

Who doesn’t want to look at their best? With so many skin rejuvenation treatments available out there, it can get confusing to know which one is suitable for your skin.

In this article, we’ll be covering just that – the different types of skin rejuvenation procedures and their effects on your skin.


As one of our newer anti-aging treatments, HIFU combines the latest ultrasound technology with a cold 635nm laser to achieve a lifting effect to improve your aesthetic. This popular, non-invasive treatment is capable of reducing wrinkles, fine lines and has a lifting effect to the applied area. Common target areas include the forehead, chin, neck and around the eyes which can look weary due to stress or aging.


Mesotherapy is an excellent non-invasive alternative to fat reduction procedures such as liposuction. Despite its use in fat reduction, mesotherapy has its place in skin rejuvenation as well by refining soft lines and contouring parts of your face and body.

Chemical peel

For those wanting a more direct approach to skin rejuvenation, chemical peeling is an option that you can choose. Chemical peeling is an effective method to tackle problematic skin by removing the dead skin cells on the outer layer which can dull your complexion. We understand that each patient will have differing skin conditions, and therefore our doctors will initiate the chemical peel with an assessment of the patient’s skin and prescribe the proper strength of the chemical peel.

Erbium laser

The erbium laser treatment is used for resurfacing the skin for those who want to reduce visible scars from acne or deep lines on their complexion. The treatment makes use of an ablative laser to direct an energy beam that will stimulate the healing of the skin from within. Depending on skin type, multiple treatments may be necessary. Erbium laser treatments are commonly used to treat skin problems on the face, neck, chest.

These are just some of the more common skin rejuvenation procedures performed nowadays, with many more treatments available out there. If you have further questions regarding skin rejuvenation treatments suitable for you, feel free to schedule a consultation session with one of our doctors here at Rejuvie Aesthetic Clinic.