Advantages of Getting Laser Tattoo Removal

Post at 31 Jan 2020 9:49 AM in Aesthetic Clinic Bali by rjv_adm

Tattoo removal methods have evolved quite a bit over the years. Prior to the development of laser removal processes, methods for removing tattoos were painful and some were even surgical. Can you imagine going through surgery just to remove a tattoo? What if you had tattoos on sensitive body parts? In addition to being physical or invasive, earlier tattoo removal processes were by no means perfect – requiring multiple visits to the technician and often including many side effects or scars.

aftercare laser tattoo removal

Luckily, laser tattoo removals are now readily available and provide a lot of benefits that we’ll be sharing with you in this article.

Minimal scarring

One of the best advantages of laser tattoo removal is the low risk of side effects and scarring. The laser used for tattoo removal is calibrated and designed to penetrate precisely where the ink is located in the skin. Compared to older, more invasive methods that use abrasives to sand the surface of the skin.

Fades tattoo completely

With the advent of laser technology, the laser is able to disperse a wide range of ink colors and pigments accurately for darker colors easier to remove than the light colors.

Quick recovery

The tattoo removal process is not entirely free of discomfort, but it is significantly less painful and also provides a much quicker recovery time, compared to traditional tattoo removal processes. The lasers work by breaking up the ink particles in your skin, which your body will then remove naturally.

Can remove tattoos accurately

The lasers used to disperse the ink pigments are concentrated beams of energy, allowing the doctors to accurately control the laser to remove only certain portions of the tattoo if necessary.

Safest procedure

Perhaps the most important perk of laser tattoo removal is its safety. Laser tattoo removal is by far the safest method to remove ink from your body. It is non-invasive, accurate and does not leave any marks on the body once the treatment is complete.

To remove tattoos, laser removal is undoubtedly the best and safest method currently available. For our readers who are still on the fence regarding laser tattoo removal, or who have lingering questions regarding the procedure, come and schedule a consultation session with our experts at Rejuvie Aesthetic Clinic.