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Silhouette soft is technological innovation offering redefined face, restored volume and reduced wrinkles by means of 30-minute treatment for the result lasting up to 18 months. Actual result may vary depending on receiver's reaction to treatment. It comes in the form of bidirectional absorbable thread cones. The product itself is made in the US and its development is based on six years of experience in suture suspension with cones used in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Silhouette soft enable two joint actions:

  1. A lift effect: as soon as it is applied it will have immediate results.
  2. A regenerative effect, one component of the suture (Poly Lactic Acid) is going to stimulate the natural production of collagen in the months that follow, for progressive and natural results.

Silhouette soft is generally recommended for women and men over 30 years old that wants facial rejuvenation, with natural results but don’t want the invasive or heavy treatments. It is also suitable for all skin types, and proven to be allergic reactions free in their studies. This suture lift is quite safe, has been use for several years in USA and Asia, made with strict sanitary controls, and using a natural component, biocompatible and fully absorbable.

The treatment

Before the treatment you will need a consultation with our Doctors, to explain the procedures and give a quote of how many threads should be used. The face will be cleaned and doctors will apply small local anesthetic at several points according to the thread distribution. Incision is not required as the insertion will be apply using fine needle, once the suture has been inserted the doctors will need to performs slight compression and reshape by hand in order to get the desired lifting effect.

Silhouette soft can be used as single treatment or in combination with Botox and Fillers.

Repeat treatment

The effect of the Silhouette Soft can be seen instantly and will last up to 18 months. Actual result may vary depending on receiver's reaction to treatment.

Side effects & after-care

After treatment some bruising and swelling might happen but this usually will disappear quickly within days. Some slight wrinkling usually happens; as we need for optimization of the treatment, smoothen out within several days. During the week after treatment do not undergo any dental surgery, avoid facial and beauty treatments. No contact sports within the first few weeks. Preferably sleep on your back. Some mild painkillers might be taken only if needed.

Equipment used

Rejuvie Aesthetic and Anti Aging use Silhouette Soft threads made by Sinclair IS Pharma. Sinclair is a British based company. The Silhouette Soft threads are CE marked and approved for use on the European market.

More information

If you would like to know more about Silhouette Soft, please follow this link to their own website:
Silhouette Soft have their own YouTube channel. Here you can find many videos about the treatment:

The price

The price depends on how many threads you will need. In average we use 2-3 pairs of threads per patient. (link to price list)

Price per pair :  Rp 7.500.000

The results obtained may vary depending on every receiver's reaction to treatment.

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