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This product is brand new to Indonesia  but has been used for some time in Europe. For most people, when talking about anti-aging we think only about the face. Often we forget the neck, upper chest (décolletage) and hands. These areas often reveal the real age of a person. With Redensity we can target all of these areas in combination with the face. You can also easily combine Redensity with dermal fillers.

For most people, when we pass the age of 30, we start ageing and getting sagging skin (face, neck, hands, décolletage, upper lip and under eye), fine lines and wrinkles and dehydrated skin and dull complexion. This happens for both men and women. It is these conditions we can help reduce by using Teosyal Redensity.

The treatment

Microinjections of Redensity are evenly injected in to the area we are targeting. The Redensity contains collagen-stimulating vitamins and minerals with 8 amino acids, 3 anti-oxidants and rehydrating hyaluronic acid, which help to increase cell membranes and DNA regeneration. In addition it also has a small amount of Lidocain to reduce discomfort during injection. The effects of the treatment is more elasticity and improved skin structure.

Repeat treatment

You will be able to see a difference after only one treatment, however 3 treatments are recommended with a 3 week interval between each treatment. This treatment will not stop the aging of the skin, hence, we highly recommend maintenance 2 -3 times per year for the best results.

Side effects & after-care

No real after care is needed after injections of Redensity. We do recommend staying out of the sun the first 24-48 hours and using a sunscreen with minimum SPF30. Side effects are rare but some redness and bruising can occur around the injected areas. This will go away after a day or two. You can read more about side effects & after-care by following this link.

Product used

Redensity is made by Teoxane a company from Switzerland who also produces different types of dermal fillers. 

More information

If you would like to know more about Teoxane, please follow this link to their own website

All needles used for injections are new, sterile and only used once.

The price

The price of 1 – 2 ml is: Rp 2.300.000 per ml

The price of 3 ml or more: Rp 2.000.000 per ml

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