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After-care instructions for Laser360

  • Drink plenty of water post treatment
  • Do not touch, scratch or force the peeling process.
  • Cool down the area with the provided saline water and gauze
  • The first 4 days apply Bioplacenton Gel to hydrate the skin (3-4 times a day). After 4 days use your regular moisturizer.
  • Do not use any facial scrub or exfoliate for 3 weeks.
  • Stay out of the sun for at least 7 days. After 7 days use a sunscreen with minimum SPF 30.

Possible side effects after Laser360

  •  Red and sore skin. Paracetamol 500mg 3 times a day can reduce the pain. Also the cold compress with saline water and gauze will help.
  •  After 3-4 days the skin will be very dry. Please use Bioplacenton Gel on Days 1-4 and then regular moisturizer after Day 4.
  •  Around Day 5-7 the skin will start to peel off. This is normal and it is important NOT to force the peeling process.
  •  In general the skin will be very sensitive and sore the first week. Stay out of the sun and let the healing take its course.
  • In rare occasions infection can occur. Please contact the clinic if you experience any infection in the treated area during the first week.

Repeat treatment and maintenance

For most people one session is enough. But in some case we will recommend to repeat the treatment up to three times with minimum one month apart.

To maintain the result we recommend to have Laser360 done once or twice a year.

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