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After-care instructions for AFT Laser

  • Avoid the sun for the first 72 hours post treatment and use a sunscreen with minim SPF 30+ for the first 2 weeks
  • Do not pick, rub or exfoliate the treated area, this can cause permanent scaring.
  • Use the lotion provided by the clinic 3 times per day for 3 days.
  • Use hydrating moisturizers as often as needed.
  • Do not use any products that contain AHAs such as glycolis, tretinoin or hydroquinone for at least 2 days after the treatment. 

Possible side effects after AFT Laser

  •  The area will be red for the first 24-36 hours. Discomfort can be reduced with an ice pack.
  •  Dark spots will become darker but will flake off after 10 – 14 days. Do not peel the skin yourself. This is a normal part of the procedure. When the skin peels off by itself, newer and healthier skin will appear. 
  •  If you feel pain in the treated area, please contact you treating doctor.
  •  Infections are very rare and in this case you should contact your treating doctor. 

Repeat treatments and maintenance

Usually patients need around 4 treatments to see the best results. The interval between each treatment is 3 – 4 weeks.

To maintain the skins condition, we recommend repeating the treatment 2 – 3 times a year. Repeating the treatment on a regular basis is necessary, because of the continuing exposure to the sun and aging of the skin.

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